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Forensic Reviews


There should be no tolerance for appraisal fraud. Yet it pops up time and again, not only in the origination process but in short sales and property foreclosures as well.

Because of the critical nature of values in today’s market, Accurity’s forensic reviews are extraordinarily meticulous in nature. Our unparalleled review process digs deep by leveraging field reviews, an historical context of the property, appraiser verifications and much more.

We also understand the role local market expertise plays in retrospective reviews. That’s why every review is completed by a licensed appraiser with direct experience dealing with market complexities surrounding the subject property.

Accurity’s forensic reviews are routinely relied upon for discovering appraisal fraud and address compliance issues, and they are often used as evidence in court. Our clients rest easy knowing that any discrepancies buried in the appraisal will be discovered through our disciplined, line-by-line review procedures.

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