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Specialty Practices

Specialty practices
When you need more out of an appraisal company, Accurity is ready. We don’t just provide appraisals – we also help solve the most intricate issues facing the housing industry.

Accurity’s Specialty Practices include:

  • Forensic and retrospective reviews – Our highly trained appraisal experts can meticulously audit past reports line by line to unravel the truth behind discrepancies in value.
  • Litigation assistance– Need an expert? Accurity appraisers are trusted authorities in all realms involving real property value – including tax abatement, divorce, probate and trust and condemnation.
  • Consulting services – Our appraisers become trusted resources when banks, investors and individuals need expert advice, not just numbers. The results are better-informed decisions on all matters involving property value.
  • Alternative Valuations – Our collateral valuation reports and other analytical tools can lend invaluable insight in a variety of applications, including appraisals and forensic reviews. The outcome: a richer set of evidence that drives more intelligent decisions.


Each of our specialty practices relies on the same quality assurance that lies behind all Accurity services, delivering dependable solutions and invaluable assistance, no matter what the need.