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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Accurity takes seriously the uncertainty caused by the recent changes to appraisal regulations and possible costs associated with oversight and compliance. We work closely with our clients and partners to overcome these risks, giving them the knowledge and skills that bring peace of mind, regardless of market conditions.

Our innovative solutions satisfy both the FHA and secondary market concerns on the separation of valuation and the loan production processes. In addition, we provide full-time support and backup, eliminating the concerns of appraiser pressure.

Our quality assurance process ensures that appraisals ordered through Accurity meet or exceed all industry standards as well as the specific appraisal underwriting requirements of the loan. Our local appraisers’ geographical competence in their individual markets and expertise of their state appraisal requirements gives us the ability to untangle the complexities when appraisal regulations and lender guidelines are in conflict.

In the end, these collaborative efforts among industry leaders give all of our customers, be they lenders, investors, or borrowers, confidence in the quality and accuracy of their appraisal that they can take to the bank.

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